Are you using Alt Text on your images and photos?

Indeed what is Alt Text?

Alt Text is the additional text added to an image or photo that you can add when you are loading such items to your website. It helps with your SEO to get found by the search engines such as Google.

What is Alt Text used for?

It’s purpose is to describe your image, but you can use it to your advantage for great SEO.  There are a couple or reason why alt text is used instead of your picture; such as speciality browsers for those who are visually impaired when the browser tells you what the image is,  or when your internet bandwidth is too slow and the image cannot be loaded.

What do I put in my Alt Text?

  • Use your keywords – it’s an SEO opportunity  for you
  • Use 125 characters maximum
  • Make sure you describe the image too
  • Make the alt text memorable

Where do I put my Alt Text?

Loading images via your WordPress dashboard into your media library gives you and opportunity to add Alternative (Alt) Text.

where do I put alt text on my website?

If you’re using a page building like Divi you may need to add else where so check out your theme/page builder instructions for more help.

Don’t forget to use Alt Text on your social media activity too.

Should I go back and add Alt Text to my old images?

We don’t think that it’s worth your time and effort to go back and add Alt Text to all your existing content, but you may consider updating your most popular posts – those with the greatest traffic.  And then remember to add for all new images and photos going forward.