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  • Ongoing SEO - better ranking on search engines

  • SEO Audits - let's see how you're going

Being on page one is a place most business owners would love to be - and not by spending their marketing or advertising budget on paid advertising!


If this is you then you need Organic SEO - getting on those top pages by the use of keywords. Tog Dog Websites can help you with this in two ways:


  • Ongoing SEO services - monthly plans with no lock in contracts to provide your website with updated content but written and images with appropriate keywords for your industry or niche, and
  • SEO audit services -for those of you with an existing website who'd like a review of any SEO that is already in place and to identify opportunities for improvement.

All new website builds by Top Dog Website come with SEO research and implementation.

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Ongoing SEO Services

For most business owners getting traffic to your website is your number one priority, closely followed by conversation of those visitors. Getting your website found by search engines such as Google and Bing is down to great optimisation.  The use of relevant keywords and website structure is key to maximizing your search engine page ranking results. We can help you this.

Our Ongoing SEO Plan includes:

  • Ongoing keyword and competitor research relevant for your industry
  • Page title, metadata, image and content optimisation as required
  • Two pieces of optimized content or site work per month e.g. article/post, citation, image or social media posting, website performance improvements, Google My Business
  • Performance Reporting e.g. Google Analytics, page speeds, security matters
  • Quarterly content marketing strategy sessions and website improvement recommendation


Added Bonus!  Our Ongoing SEO Plan includes our Standard Plus Maintenance & Security Plan

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SEO Website Audit

If you're not sure how your website performs in terms of SEO then our comprehensive audit looks at over 60 areas that can affect your ranking with search engines such as Google.

Once the audit is completed we will provide you with a report and recommend necessary actions to improve you SEO and search engine page ranking.

Audits start from $495.00 and vary depending on the size and complexity of your website.

Talk to us to discuss your requirements for both audit and implementation of remedial work.


Dont let SEO get the better of you - give us a call and let us do it for you

*Note: Due to the confidential algorithms used by search engines and the competitive nature of keywords Top Dog Websites advises that no guarantees can be made as to the positioning of your site in search engine results.