Ongoing Website Maintenance

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Don't spend your time on routine website maintenance!

Let us keep your online asset up and running whilst you get on with running your business.

Keeping your website secure and running smoothly requires regular maintenance and some commitment of your time. If we build or renovate your website we're more than happy to provide you with some basic training to keep you online and your site secure. Even if we didn't build your site we've happy to take on your routine maintenance.

Or we can do it for you.

Our website maintance packages include

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Ongoing Maintenance

Having a website that works is critical.  It doesn't matter how beautiful your site looks if it's not up and running.

Our cost effectiive monitoring and maintenance services ensure your website is running smoothly, effectively and providing your visitors with a great experience, keeping you you ahead of your competition.

We keep your software up to date and monitor aspects like page load speeds, that internal and external links are working correctly, page statistics and ensure your contact information is consistent and up to date.

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Regular Website Backups

Ever spent hours on your pc and lost your work? Frustrating right?  Your valuable content is safe. The time and effort invested to build your website can be destroyed by either the accidental or intentional means.  Sites can be hacked, files deleted in error or the site could break after changes you make. Back up frequency can be determined by the regularity of which you add new content - if you're posting everyday then daily back ups might be appropriate, otherwise weekly back ups may suffice.  Whatever your requirement we can put an effective back up process in place and ensure your files are securely stored.

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Website Security

Seriously it's best practice for all website owners, not only for your own online safety, but for a professional online presence and visitor credibility.  Hackers are becoming evermore sophisticated in their attempts to get into your site. It's essential to keep your security tools up to date and effective to prevent malware, ransomware and security breaches. Especially critical if you operate any financial transactions on your website. Search engines such as Google and Bing also now require websites to be secure and lack of security measures can affect your SEO and your ability to rank well in searches.

Our ongoing website maintenance packages mean you'll never have to worry about your website again!

You focus on your business
and we'll focus on keeping your website safe and running well.